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Nutanix Platform Layer/Template VM

Cory Zaner


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Cross-platform support with Nutanix really has to go one way, from Nutanix.  With going _to_ Nutanix, there's a chicken and egg problem.  You need to get the drivers installed and instantiated.  Even if you install the VirtIO drivers in your OS layer, or a layering platform layer, since they've never booted on those drivers before, they don't work yet.  You get a BSOD when you try.  I've never yet found a way to istall Nutanix machine tools and virtio drivers on another VM and get it to work on an OS imported from another hypervisor.  If you want to use Nutanix and vSphere, make your Gold VM in Nutanix.  vSphere is perfectly happy f you install VMware Tools in a layering platform layer, or the OS layer.

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I've got no super-secret tricks to allow people to re-use existing app layers with a new OS layer.  If you really do need to create a new OS, it'll need a new set of app and platform layers to go with it.


Can Nutanix help you export an vSphere VM and import it successfully into Nutanix?  If that's possible, you could version the OS layer in vSphere, export it, import it into Nutanix, get the virtio drivers happy, export and import back to vSphere, and finalize that.  It's not quite that simple - you'd need to use the imported disk with the original VM to finalize successfully, or you could use the Network File Share.  But if it's possible to get a vSphere VM to work in Nutanix, doing that to a new OS version might solve this.


Otherwise, sorry about that...

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