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Limit inbound DNS access to Netscaler

John Rafter

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Hi there. Forgive my lack of experience with Citrix technology...


We recently received a request from our Firewall team asking if it was possible to limit or isolate the inbound DNS access to our DMZ netscaler. We have a GSLB setup as well.

Essentially their firewall (which sits in front of the NS)is getting bombarded with requests from some "bad" countries. Is it even possible to limit such a thing? It seems that they are suggesting that we limit the inbound DNS requests to ONLY come from our public DNS provider which I don't know would work or not? Any advice would be helpful! 





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4 hours ago, Mihai Cziraki1709160741 said:

Netscalers are set up for ADNS. I had Citrix support verify as well, we have 4 domains defined on the Netscaler.

They are having a hard time understanding the request as the config is set up correctly.

To quote my firewall team"I want to make changes to only the firewall and limit inbound DNS requests.  I need to know all sources that need inbound DNS access to the NetScaler’s"... Is there anything that could be done on the netscalers to assist the request?





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