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ShellHostExperience locking up on VDA

Jacob Dixon1709152413


We have been experiencing issues with Server 2016 locking up when using VDA 7.15 CU3. We haven't narrowed it down to Citrix but what we found is the audio service is freezing up which is causing the sessions to become unresponsive. If you look at the wait chain in task manager for the ShellHostExperience, you will see one that you can kill and then everything comes back to life.


We narrowed this down to a couple of customers that are doing webinairs which utilize the audio service through Citrix. We are just not sure if it is Citrix or Microsoft causing the freezing yet.


Has anyone experienced this?

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I am also affected on issues like that.

For example on Desktop-sessions the start menu and taskbar does not react to clicks anymore.

Restarting explorer.exe does solve this.


There are a lot of details listed on this thread: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2018699-rds-windows-server-2016-desktop-freeze-black-screen?page=1

On the (currently) last page people report, that installing latest Cumulative Update "KB4493470" from April 2019 seems to be a potential fix.


I did install "KB4493470" last week on 11.04 and I keep an eye on the issue. Till now it seems to be fine.


Hope dies last ...


Please report back your experiences

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