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Citrix Receiver toolbar dissapearing

Adrian Murphy


Hi There.  I'm currently look after several client desktops, running Windows 7 (soon to be Windows 10), Office 365, running two monitors.  We have Citrix 4.12 installed, as the client  use this to connect to an external council link.  They can connect in ok.  Recently a few desktops have lost the toolbar, which when enabled, appears at the top.  This gives them control to extend things across the two monitors.  When this does happen, they are unable to logout, they are stuck.  Have to restart the pc, session.  The only way I can find around it at the moment, is to run the Citrix cleanup tool, then reinstall Citrix, Or at worst give them a new Windows profile.  This only seems to last a few days, weeks.

Any help greatly appreciated.




Adrian Murphy

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