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Disable Display Battery Status VDA 7.18 or greater

Thorsten Schaeffer


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I am not sure if there is a Citrix setting you can disable this with....I would be surprised if there wasn't considering its a new feature but there are some settings relating to this in Group Policy.


User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar then the setting called 'Remove the battery meter' 


I would test apply this to the Citrix machines OU and see if that sorts it. Not sure as its re-directed from the local into Citrix if the GPO setting will touch it but worth a try if there are no Citrix Policy settings for disabling this. 

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I think this is coming from the Battery status of the client laptop. CTX235140 - Display client-side notification area battery status in desktop sessions (citrix.com). Looks like you can enable Local App Access to disable it but then that might cause other unwanted side affects. I wish they had a way to just disable this by itself.


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