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VPX concurrent connections - Layer 7 load balancing

Jes M

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From the link here: http://www.softlayer.com/tco/pdf/Compare_LoadBalancers_us-en.pdf , it appears like there is a limit for concurrent connections for Layer 7 load balancing.


Do you know if this is still valid for VPX 11.1 (NetScaler Virtual Appliance 450000)?


We are getting about 4000 at the moment. Is there a way to handle the situation with no downtime if reaching 5000+? 

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I guess the limitation is done by the licensing and how many vCPU's you have. Usually the licensing is done per throughput , like : vpx 500 has 500 Mbps limit and 2 vcpu's

, vpx 1000 has 1Gbps and 2-4 vCpu's, etc.


What you could do is have another VPX and use GSLB to split the traffic in 2 . (GSLB uses dns to resolve a name and split the traffic in 2 for example)


One other thing you could do is use a routing protocol with ECMP (equal cost multi path ) and have one more vpx, or even more.

But for this , you need to have a router,Layer3 switch in fornt of the vpx's and a routing protocol like OSPF for example between that device and the vpx's.





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