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Netscaler Unified Gateway Configuration

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Hi Folks,


We are planning to configure the Netscaler unified gateway with the below configuration.The user(xenapp user or VPN user) will be accessing the resource using common url.


--User will get either Full VPN or Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop access  based on EPA analysis and group extraction

--Authentication is based on either certificate or native OTP.If user is from xenapp user group then LDAP +cert based authentication. If  user is from VPN user group then LDAP + native OTP authentication.

--If user's computer is company owned + has AV+ patches and User is member of group-VPN then give Full SSL VPN access

--if user's computer is not company owned or have missing patches/AV or user is not member of group VPN then give Citrix XenApp resource.


Please let me know if the above requirement is possible.If any documents are available to meet the above please share.


Thanks in advance.

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