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Receiver/WorkSpace client connections via Gateway show black screen after firmware upgrade of Netscaler to 12.1 51.19

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-Netscaler MPX hosting Gateway for remote Citrix access, primarily Win7 XenDesktop VM.

-Upgraded firmware to 12.1 51.19 from 12.0 56.20, following Citrix docs. Upgrade appears succesful, no unexpected configuration changes or alerts on Netscaler.

-Prior to upgrade, no issues with remote connections using either locally installed clients or HTML Receiver.

-After upgrade, remote connections using Receiver or Workspace client show a black screen, sometimes with a small, static section of the inital Windows login screen in the upper right corner. Director shows an active session, Receiver does not time out. This is reported by all users using locally installed clients. Checking the assigned VM shows it is functioning correctly.

   -updating to latest version of WorkSpace Client makes no difference.

-Connections via HTML Receiver are succesful and display as normal.


When I revert to the old firmware, the problem stops. Logs do not inidcate any failures so far.

Any advice gratefully appreciated!



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