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Good day,


We have an installation of XenApp 6.5 that uses Secure Gateway 3.3 to publish applications to users outside the local network. We can have up to 20 simultaneous connections at a time.


We are setting up a new environment with the latest versions of Citrix software (running in parallel with the old environment). Everything in this environment is new, also the internet domain we will be using for secure access from outside.

I have already successfully installed the latest Citrix VAD 7.1811 which works perfectly on the local network. Now, I need to install a new Citrix Gateway to deliver apps securely to users outside the network. I have downloaded and installed the Citrix Gateway VPX 12.1 virtual appliance.  Now I need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) so that we can get a SSL certificate. I understand that this can be done through the Citrix Gateway Wizard. So, when I try to open the Citrix Gateway Wizard, it gives me an error that I need to install platform and universal licenses first for Citrix Gateway.


I have never worked with Citrix Gateway before and am quite new to it. We already have licenses for XenApp, but it now appears we would need to get a new license for Gateway. From the documentation I gathered that a Platform license will be sufficient for our purposes (we don't need Universal licenses).


I now want to purchase a Platform license for my Gateway, but on the Citrix online store, for the Netscaler Gateway, I can't find a "platform license".  It shows me 2 types of licenses:

  • Concurrent User (Universal)
  • Enterprise VPX

And then it gives me 2 term options: On-Premises and Perpetual.


I can't find any explanations in the documentation on what these mean. Can someone help me by explaining the difference between "Concurrent" and "Enterprise", as well as the difference between On-Premises and Perpetual? And also, if I just want a "Platform License", what do I need to select here?


I would appreciate any help.


Many thanks in advance!



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You can contact a Citrix Partner to acquire the NetScaler licenses or acquire the Enterprise VPX license directly by Citrix. The Enterprise VPX license is a platform license.

In your case, if the NetScaler will be used only for the NetScalere Gateway functionality, you can acquire only the NetScaler Gateway license (and not the ADC license, because this license includes gateway and other functionalities).

I counsel you to contact a Citrix Partner for obtaining the optimal consultancy for your use case.



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