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Loadbalance multiple ports using same port range on vserver and servicegroup


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I am fairly new to the netscaler world.

I have already checked these 3 posts:





My question is, do I need to bind the vserver after configuring to listen to all ports to the service groups on the ports I am interested. This will still create a lot of admin work, I am still confused, as you can see from my screenshot I do not have anything bound to my vserver "DYNAMIC_PORTS" therefore I think it doesn't work at the moment.


Ports I am interested:



TCP/UDP 135 (RPC EPMapper)
TCP 636 (LDAP over SSL)
TCP 3268 (GC)
TCP 3269 (GC SSL)
TCP/UDP 88 (Kerberos)
TCP Dynamic (RPC)
TCP/UDP 464 (Kerberos Change/Set Password)

To facilitate WMI communication, you will also need to make sure the following ports are open between the server running the FIM Service and the server running the FIM Synchronization Service:

TCP/UDP 135 (RPC EPMapper)
TCP 135 (RPC EPMapper)
TCP 5725
TCP 5726
TCP 5000-5001 Dynamic RPC ports (PCNS)
TCP 57500-57520 Dynamic RPC ports (AD MA)


If it's easier to loadbalance all the ports from front end to back end what is the best and easiest solution. Thank you for looking at my question.image.thumb.png.b185636cf52fb28f69a57f4e947c1b85.png

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10 hours ago, Paul Blitz said:

Create a vserver using "any" for the port, then use a LISTEN POLICY to define the multiple ports : https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129192


Thank you Paul, I think I have done this already, please see below,  but the service owner said it doesn't work for the specified ports , 57500-57520.


As discussed and as Mihai said, thank you Mihai,  I think even we have the listening policy on we need to bind the vserver *any to something to the back end servers , service or service groups(doesn't have option *any port) to make it work as the vserver will not know where to send the requests after receiving them, this is my believe anyway, I might be wrong. 



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