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Xenserver upgrade iscsi target ip change query

Nav Sangha




We are looking at upgrading our XenServer pool, as part of the upgrade we are looking to move to upgraded hardware but keep the same shared iSCSI storage.  The high level plan is to take a metadata backup on the old Xen pool, and then move the shared storage and attach to the new xenpool and then restore the metadata backup.  We have tested this and it all works.


One thing we couldn't test was changing the IP of the shared storage host adapters (the iSCSI target IP), if i do change the storage target IPs and reattach to the new xenpool using these new IPs, will the metadata restore likely fail?


Changing the target IPs is not essential but if it doesn't make a difference it will be nice to do.



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I don't think the IP will have any bearing on the metadata restore as long as you have that connectivity.

Tobias is right on IQN, fresh XenServer installs will have new one's so you will need to either change

them to what the previous servers were using or change the permissions in your storage to allow 

those new IQN's.




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