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Director 7.15 doesn't show machine utilization

Slawomir Janiga




I'm facing a problem with Citrix Director 7.15 not showing machine utilization for the XenDesktop 7.15CU2 virtual machines.

This does not seem to be a general rule as some of the machines are presenting this view, some not.


Error message is:

"Cannot retrieve the data.
 Data source unresponsive or reported an error. View Director server event logs for further information (Refer Citrix KB article CTX130320)."


I have tried to use the command LODCTR /R both on the VDAs and on the Director server in order to rebuild performance counters, it completed successfully but had no positive effect.

Is there anything else I should do for this ?

I've seen some articles pointing to re-registering the icaperf.dll but such file does not exist.


Thanks in advance for assistance.



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I had the a similar issue with Director CU2. In my case upgrading the VDA to CU3 resolved it.

You could also try:


"regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICAService\icaperf.dll"

(This is the only location that icaperf.dll is present after installing the 7.15.2 VDA that I could find)

-reset the performance counters:  lodctr /r

(you've already done this, but won't hurt to do it again after re-registering the counters)

-run "WinRM QuickConfig" from an admin command prompt

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