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Unable to use GPU passthrough on VM (did not allocated properly)

daye moon



This is my environment info.


Xenserver : 7.1 CU2 Enterprise Edition (installed hotfix)

GPU : Tesla P40 * 2ea

Xendesktop : 7.15.3

Citrix License : Using 90-Trial license to test.

And also made a nvidia grid license server on linux.



1. Allocate Pass-through or GRID P40-24Q GPU Tpye on VM 

2. Start a VM

3. When I check a GPU allocation status on xencenter - xenserver - GPU tab, I can see GPU allocated.


4. But when I connect a VM , GPU didn’t allocated.  I can not see a “NVIDIA GPU” infomation on display-adapter.


Add, other GPU TYPE is working properly. (ex: GPU P40-12Q , 8Q, 4Q....)


Please let me know how to fix it.



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Trying to better understand your set-up.  You are connecting with what client to a VM that has a vGPU assigned to it and does that client have/need any licensing?

You say that this works with all profiles except for P40 24Q?  What does nvidia-smi show on XenServer in that case when you run it from the CLI?

I trust  there are no other profiles that have been created using part of the GPU?



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Do you see all 24 GB being allocated in the nvidia-smi output? Are there perhaps some restrictions on maximum profile size in the trial licens (I'm just guessing here, because I have no idea if there are or not)? How recent a version of the drivers did you install? Is the client a Windows VM or what sort of server and does the driver show up OK on it? Does XenCEnter show all 24 GB allocated to that VM under the GPU tab? What version of the license server are you running?


Also, have you tried 2 x 12 GB profiles?

Maybe there is a defect on the P40 that is not working for its total memory and it cannot allocate it all, hence fails.



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