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Unable To Boot Windows 10 Xendesktop Image

Jason Barrett1709159123



I have installed windows 10 on a vmware vm and all the required apps.  I then installed, vmware tools > Citrix Virtual Agent > Citrix Provising Device Software  I then cloaned the VM to a VMware template.   I then ran the citrix imaging application to capture the VM to PVS,  I selected PXE boot, when I reboot the server it boots to PXE and hangs. So I booted the VM in to windows, added a E: drive and ran the imaging capture again this time capturing the image to a hdx file on the E: drive.

I then copied this image to the PVS server and imported the image. Set to standard mode with cache on hard disk overflow to RAM.  I then provisioned vms using the created template.  The VMs fail to boot and hang at the screen in the attached pic.  Same issue if I set the image to private mode. Any ideas what I can do? 

Am using Xen desktop / PVS version 7.18


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1. Basically it looks like PVS target is trying to failback cache to server. For some reason it is not able to apply cache overflow to HD.  


- Have you set the cache failback path in PVS server?




- Are Cache disks attached to Target VMs?



I have had this issue a few months ago. Still don't know why Cache overflow to cache disk didn't work anymore from one day to another. However, I had to create new machines for this problem to solve. In the meantime I also updated vCenter to 6.5, and then ran into this issue:




Maybe this helps you also. 




Regards, Cedy

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