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Unsuccessful HA Pairing / Access Timeout Issue.

Timmy Wagner

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Model:    ADC MPX 14030

Version:  12.1-51.19_nc_64

I am trying to establish an HA pair of Netscalers. When trying to Sync them I receive the attached message. The twist to the story is if I keep at it, the command will eventually complete. But its very inconsistent. 


I believe it is related to the fact that when logging into the CLI and/or GUI i sometimes log in the first time. Most of the time, tho, I get multiple 'access denied. password incorrect' -esque messages. Even when pasting a known correct password. It will go up to 20 times...and then suddenly grant me access.  I believe this is the actual root of the problem. They are trying to authenticate with each other and are failing..failing..failing...allowed. 


Has anyone seen a login issue like this? Something says its timing out or something. Even tho the two netscalers are literally plugged into the same switch in ports next to each other. Anyone have any guidance before I deal with Citrix support?







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Not seeing any attached message.


If it's from the GUI, and you are trying to set up HA on both units at the same time, then use the CLI (you'll need to do it on each NS individually).


Usually, any HA issues of any sory tend to be network issues between the 2 units. I had similar problems, turned out that the "new" switch was a resued one, and had some port based VLANs set up on it!!!!


How close to default config are these units? 

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