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Single Storefront Multiple Store Issues

Von Garin1709160795

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Hi There,


This is my first time on this forum. I have acquired this Citrix Platform for an organization so everything is configured when i started working on this. 

 I have a Citrix Site 7.6 CU2 in my organization. Storefront: (Windows Server 2012 R2)

I have a single Storefront with 2 stores. Ill call it Site #1 and Site #2. Obviously each store have its own unique Store Web URL for Receiver for Web to distinguish apps published in either site.


The issue i have is if i go to Store Web URL  for Site #1, i see apps published in that site only. If i go to Store Web URL for Site #2, i see apps published in Site #1 and Site #2. 

I mmc into Storefront, the settings are identical for both stores but im not sure why the application enumeration is different when i connect to the Web URL for each store.


I am not sure what im missing. There isnt much setting on the storefront GUI to go on. 


Anyone have an idea?

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