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Citrix Workspace stops working on MacOS

Michael Neumeier


Hi there,


I have a strange problem on a Mac with Citrix receiver and Firefox.

I started my connection correctly and I could open a WTS desktop without any problem. After some time, the WTS desktop just freezes and I couldn't interact with it anymore. I therefor closed it.

Trying to reopen it, the WTS desktop opens, I'm getting the usual message form Windows that is logging me in. After some time, this window just closes. Any other try to reopen the session on this machine fails with exactly the same behavior.


Doing the same on other machines in my LAN perfectly works - no matter which OS (Linux. Windows. MacOS). So this seems to be a problem of the specific machine.


I am using the latest Citrix Workspace from the official download site. 


Sidenote: When I try to open the connection with Safari on the problematic machine, it works. But it opens it in a browser windows, so via HTML5. And that is clearly no option to me. I want it absolutely to be opened in an own windows of the Citrix software, not in the browser.


Can somebody please help me fixing this?

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Hi MickCit,

Which version of Citrix Workspace app are you using? Please check with the latest Citrix Workspace app for Mac 1903.1. 


As you mentioned on Lan it works fine, can you please check if on that mac the network is present while the freeze happens?


Safari 12 as deprecated NPAPI plugin required for normal functioning of Citrix Workspace app for Mac. Hence please follow this article to support Safari 12 and ask your administrator to make appropriate changes on Storefront. Meanwhile, this is an issue only with Safari 12. Other browsers like Chrome and Firefox works fine.




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