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How to configure NetScaler Gateway to support both HTML5 and Citrix Receiver?

Artimus Aunos

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I'm configuring NetScaler Gateway to support with Citrix Receiver and HTML5 (no receiver).


For Citrix Workspace to connect thru NetScaler Gateway that's normal. How can I configure add function to support HTML5.

I have done to follow create HTTP profile to enable WebSocket but when I tested to connect NetScaler Gate with Client Device as not install Citrix Receiver that I cannot logon from HTML5.

(Refer to https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX223503)


By the way, I have tested directly to StoreFront that it's worked. 


I do not sure how to addition to configure for this issue to solve HTML5.




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Right now, I can use HTML5 thru NetScaler Gateway, already. Thanks all.


For this issue . All configure is ok but it seem STA show red status. I do not understand why I still can connect thru Netscaler while STA display RED status.  But when fix it to show  green after that HTML5's work.

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