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NVIDIA M6-1A GPU not functioning on VDAs

Bill Barnes1709152652




vSphere 6.7


Server 2012 R2


We have a sandbox with a Virtual Apps VDA and a standalone VM and the drivers are installed. I ran tests using GPU-Z and determined that the VDA does not see a GPU load at all 0% but the VM that does not have any Citrix software on it does utilize 20% in the same test. When I look at programs and features the two servers are identical. The VDA does consume memory just no load usage. We use a home grown app that utilizes Esri mapping.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Bill, 


We don't see any GPU Usage displayed in % via GPUShark here either but we have just put that down to the program not understanding Citrix's HDX3DPRO feature and such. 


The best way to check to get a accurate answer is via the host server itself that the VM is sat on. If you have access to the server SSH onto it via a program like PuTTY and run the command 'Nvidia-SMI' this will show you an overview of the GPU's and you will get a column named 'Volatile GPU-Util' which seems to equate to % usage of that particular core on the Graphics Card. If you keep running the Nvidia-SMI command each time you should see the GPU-Util column change up and down depending on the VMs usage. 


The only other thing you will need to do is find out which GPU core (Device ID) your VM has been assigned to and this is found in the vSphere console. Go to the host, go to Configure and then to the Graphics section on the left hand side menu. 


Jump into the VM and play a video or something to use GPU memory and keep checking the PuTTY window and running the SMI to see if the usage changes as the video plays. 



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