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Citrix Workspace 1903 client - dazzle pop up on computers that are not logged in.

David Rynearson


Windows computers upgraded to Workspace client 1903 (v19.3.0.4).  Now the task bar running client, when not logged in, keeps popping up the login prompt.  We used to have a similar problem and opened a ticket with Citrix.  Clients that were logged in, continued to get the pop up.  The solution was to change the refresh etc. registry settings for "dazzle" on the Citrix App Servers.  However, this does not work, as the clients are not logged in to Citrix.  I replicated the registry settings to my local computer registry, it does not seem to stop the popups.


Pop ups show up about every 30 - 2 hours.  I haven't timed it exactly.


Does any one have a similar experience and suggestions/work around.  If not I will open a service call and post any possible fixes later.

Opened service ticket with Citrix.  Here are reg changes from original CTX232184 that resolved pop-up for clients "logged In".  Applied to Citrix App Servers with Loopback Processing to hit user as they logged into app server.



Edmonds Community College

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I think I have found the cause.  I am not at work but will try to recall the file from memory.  When your pop up happens the system is calling an executable from the Citrix client install folder.  I think it’s called self service.exe.  You will see a failed security event (filter warning, error etc).  This file is suppose to refresh apps cached in Citrix.  If you log into Citrix you will see that app icons are published in your “programs and features” section of the windows computer.  Even after you log out they remain.  The file is attempting to refresh the content, and since your not logged in cannot do this in the background like it does when you are active in Citrix.  I have not worked out a scenario to stop this.  There is a registry setting at 360000 ms that I guess you could fiddle with.  Google “dazzle pop ups” for the registry location.  This is a similar event Citrix made a cry article about already.  I plan on relating this to my case guy tomorrow and maybe they will come up with answers.  But considering that they didn’t know this information I will probably come up with one sooner.  I’ll post later when I work out a solution.  I suppose you could look into how to get Citrix to “not” post “delivered by Citrix” icons in the programs and feature or shortcuts in the desktop.  

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Thank you drynear74 


Yes , it is selfservice.exe .  This seems to be a citrix bug , per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200337 

"SelfService.exe –poll Contact the server to refresh application details.

SelfService.exe –ipoll Contact the server to refresh application details as in –poll, but if no authentication context is available, prompt the user for credentials."


with citrix receiver if we run selfservice.exe -ipoll it will prompt , and if we run selfservice.exe -poll , no prompt .

But with citrix workspace ,  -poll will also prompt , this is not expected .. 


Client team is  trying to remove workspace from windows start up , that helps for users who don't need Citrix , but not convenient for citrix users , kind of workaround .


I've also find that https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX213755  helps too , "DisablePoll = true; " did the trick , but I need to test the impact of disable this poll . 


still waiting news from Citrix ..if I got any news/update , will share .





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