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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with Microsoft User Profile Disk

Marc Kuhn


Hi guy's

i have been asked to setup a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Environment based on Citrix PVS Servers with Microsoft User Profile Disk for Profile Management. Has anyone have any expirience with it or does something speaking against that? We usually configure Citrix Profile Management, which is working perfectly. Microsoft User Profile Disk seems to be a valid option for me as well, but i don't find anything, which speaks against or for that solution.


Many thanks for your feedback.


Best regards,


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Hi Kasper

many thanks for the fast feedback. I will check then if i can find an official statement that this is not supported in non-RDS environments. No, i meant Microsoft User Profile Disk, at least that was what i was asked to configure. But then we will go with the Citrix Profile Management.


Thanks a lot again


Best regards,


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You'll probably not find any documentation from Microsoft stating that, as the documentation around RDS is really poor. A few guys smarter than I has mentioned that it's possible to use UPD in a Citrix setup, however as stated it's not supported, I assume their connection to Microsoft is better than mine




Also I don't quite understand why you want to use a technology that's inferior to FSLogix Profile Container? FSLogix will probably take over from here makiing UPD obsolete. Also FSLogix is now free, as stated earlier, and is supported in Citrix, RDS and VMware.

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