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I asked a question further in this thread:


But  I still have more questions than answers. So, started a new thread.


When setting a HA SYNC VLAN. I have a HASYNC VLAN en NSVLAN VLAN. Let's say NSVLAN is on interface 0/1. HASYNC is on interface 1/1. According to some both use NSIP as the IP on the VLAN.

How does this work? Two interfaces and two VLAN's use the same IP, the NSIP?



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For anyone who is interested. Finally got a chance to test this further. When using HA SYNC VLAN the NSIP is used. I confirmed this with nstrace and a filter to  check the correct interface.

start nstrace -size 0 -filter CONNECTION.INTF.EQ("10/1")


The correct CLI command for setting HA SYNC VLAN is:

set HA node -syncvlan <vlanid>

Current documentation is not correct.



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