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Advice: UE-V with XenApp

Simon Smith


Hello all


I'm looking for some advice.  


We are currently using UPM on our XenApp 6.5 estate and local profiles on our laptops.  Due to this we suffer with slow logins on our XenApp estate and lack of consistency if our users go from virtual to physical desktop.


We are in the process of planning a XenApp 7.x/2016  and Windows 10 laptop deployment.  We have been considering the use of UE-V to ensure consistency between virtual and physical however I'm concerned of the impact UE-V may have on application performance in XenApp due to appdata not being pulled down until required.  Do you guys have experience with UE-V and has it been performant for your users? Is there anything else you think I should consider at this stage?


many thanks

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WEM for your Citrix environment (and if you are platinum then WEM for your endpoints too)


I typically give up on trying to keep consistency across notebooks/laptops - best off focusing on data protection and making sure the data is available wherever you are - get fast logons and consistency in your Citrix environment :)


If you are a Citrix Workspace customer then Citrix Endpoint Management combined with WEM will change things up

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