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Deploying 7.15 CU3 update Breaks Display Spanning

Jeff Rainey1709158303


I just updated Citrix infrastructure with the 7.15 CU3 update.  All went well accept for one delivery group of Windows 7 desktops.  When updating the VDA with 7.15 CU3 from the users display spanning broke.  The users all have three displays, and spanning was working fine under the VDA.  When updated to 7.15 CU3, they were only able to access 1 display, while the other two displays showed gray bars.  I had them try re configuring their displays, but one was all we could get to function.  Rolling back their VM to the previous version resolved the problem, but I'm now running on the old VDA, while the infrastructure is on the 7.15 CU3 version. 


I'm curious if anyone else has run into this, and if there is a way to perform the VDA update without breaking spanning..?

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