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Mojave 10.14 and Workspace/Receiver not allowing session printers to be mapped

Joe Walker1709160534


Hi There, 

Recently picked up a weird issue with printers in the receiver and workspace App for Mac where the printer ports are being mapped but the printer isn't actually accessible.

When using the windows client, printers are mapped fine but on the Mac client only the ports are visible but no connection can be made. this is experienced on a 2012R2 server.


Environment is a 7.15 LTSR CU2

Workspace is on Mac


Tried multiple printer driver options and also allowing group policy options and am now at wits end with it. 


Can anyone suggest a possible fix for this. 


Many thanks in advance. 

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I hadn't had much luck with it until about 20 minutes ago or so. 

on 2019 with LTSR CU3 it will show the printer port but not map the printer. 

on 2012R2 with LTSR CU3 it will  show the printer port but not map the printer.

2008r2 with 6.5 installed it has mapped my Canon MX470 via AirPrint with a HP universal PS driver and prints successfully.


I'm going to try exporting that exact driver and testing it on the other 2 servers to see if I get the safe effect allowing me to print with basic functions. 


I'll update once I have tested.



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