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Only one VPN vserver can be bound to a CS vserver.

Scott Knights

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We are in the process of implementing IPV6. I am setting up dual stack on the ADC.


I have duplicated the IPV4 content switch to an IPV6 CS. I am able to bind all the policies except the AAA auth server policy. When I try to bind this, I get the error "Only one VPN vserver can be bound to a CS vserver." If I remove it from the V4 CS, I can bind it to the V6 CS, but then am unable to re-bind it to the V4.


It appears that it is not currently possible to have more than one content switch with a bound AAA auth server.


This is on a VPX running build 12.1 51.16.

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You can only have a single vpn vserver and a single AAA vserver on the same cs vserver.

Different cs vservers should be able to have different vpn vservers/aaa vservers behind them.

However, a single AAA vserver can only be in use with a single cs vserver.  So you can't put a single AAA vserver behind the IPV4 and IPV6 cs vserver.


You would need separate AAA vservers: 1 for IPV4 and a second for IPV6.  Though a policy label *might* get you around this and allow you to use the AAA vserver behind both cs vservers (I only did a partial test to see if it would bind; i didn't actually test the result.)


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