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Xenapp 7.6 remove Applications part of two delivery groups

Indranil Dutta


I have some set of applications which are part of two delivery groups... 
I can see them as 

Get-BrokerApplication -DesktopGroupUid XX -property name,publishedname,AssociatedDesktopGroupUids


This will display associated DesktopGroupUID, but they are displaying two. How can i separate applications from this two Delivery groups.

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18 hours ago, Ganesh Raju said:

Are you looking for a script/command to list out all published applications and their delivery group name properly rather DesktopGroupUID? If so, please go through solution of below discussion forum


No, My requirement is to separate the application between the delivery groups or at least change the name and separate the applications between the delivery group.

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GUI: Please follow the steps stated under heading “Remove applications from a Delivery Group” to remove application from one of the associated Delivery Groups.



Command: To remove application from a specific Delivery Group

Remove-BrokerApplication -Name "AppFolder\Published App Name" -DesktopGroup "App Prod"

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