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WEM in the cloud , agent not showing up

Daniele Fiore1709159100


Hello guys,


i'm currently in a POC evaluating CItrix cloud and of course , as we have WEM, i'm evaluating it as well.

So far installed the WEM cloud agent on the VDA and i see the reg key that makes the connection to the WEM broker is slightly different (it points to the Cloud connector instead).
The key i see is named CloudConnectorList (containing the FQDN of the CC).


Am i missing something ?


Many thanks in advance,



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You need to make sure you install the WEM agent for cloud (its different than the normal wem agent - download it from the cloud portal) 


I also suggest updating your ADMX to the latest release and configuring your cloud connectors from there 


Add your OU or computers to the WEM service and that should be all you need - you can export and import your current wem environment straight into the cloud service 

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i typically recommend where possible bypassing proxies for cloud services - they are all a nightmare. Notes for access requirements are here. Note that the WEM Agent will talk directly to the cloud service and cache locally, this is different than normal wem, where the broker keps a copy of the cacfhe. The cloud service does not



what do your logs indicate from a wem agent side?

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