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same external URL for two different netscaler gateway virtual servers

phani madani

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URL: http://www.example.com/index.html

An url has the hostname , domain part , like :www.example .com.   

It needs to resolve to an ip . Or it can resolve to 2 ip's for example ,if you have 2 virtuals servers with 2 ip's  and the same content , one in 1 DC and the other in the second DC. (GSLB).


If the 2 vservers have different purpose, etc , i don't think you can have the same url.



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Whilst you might think you can do simple DNS round-robining, the problem is that you need to have persistence, so having gone to one site, you stay there.


Create 2 LBVservers, on 2 IPs.... these are the DNS round-robined IP's. Create your 2 NG Vservers, on unique IPs, with their own unique DNS entries (so 2 DNS entries in total)


For each of those LBVservers, create a unique responder policy: for LB#1 it's a redirect to NG#1, for LB#2 it's a redirect to NG#2  


Thus, the client goes to the DNS-defined IP ONCE, after that you are stuck on the NGVserver.

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