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Launch realted app at login - Shutdown at logoff

David Saenz de Urturi


Good Morning. 

I´m looking for a way to launch and logoff a session for a user whenever he/she logs on/Logs off  to any of the farms.

The "favorites" receiver trick doesn´t help cause SSO it´s implemented, and simply all the sessions would be launched firts time in the morning, no matter the user connects to any application

Any ideas greatly welcome.


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HI Dennis. 

We have 4 application farms with a dependency on this special farm. We need the latter to start in parallel with the click of any application on the other 4 farms.. That´s why we cannot use logon script.  It´s logon time is much faster  and it´ll be ready by the time any other app starts.

Also it cannot be launched with the receiver SSO cause this switch is installed for all users so, simply put, all the "specialfams applications" would be launched first time in the morning with the consequen waste of resources.





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