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Windows 2016 start menu blank/missing icons with UPM

Deepak Kumar1709152056


Hello everyone,

I hope someone finally crack the windows 2016 start menu roaming using profile management and WEM. I'm testing published desktop with below configuration

1. Windows 2016 published desktop (Latest march cumulative update)

2. CVAD 1811 with VDA 1903 (updated yesterday)

3. Profile management 1903 (As in-built upgraded VDA)

4. Customized layout pushed through GPO

5. WEM 1811 with no Folder Redirection.

5. Followed citrix & Carl best practices for exclusions and workarounds

just because of start menu missing icons i have to give no of shortcuts through taskbar icons (and i don't like that)


So,On first launch of published desktop i get this (this is how i want always for users except taskbar icons pushed through WEM)

i did not 



On the second logon (even on same VDA)



On third login


chrome & notes missing

After every logon i miss icons, although MS applications icons were never missed.


I tried to use both DesktopApplicationlinkPath and DesktopApplicationID in layout xml, But none of them work.

I know tiledatalayer db suks a lot, but just because of start menu i do not want to go for windows 2019 (registry based start menu)

So please let me know if anyone able to roam the start menu (without blank icons) successfully on windows 2016 published desktop.

I will be thankful.





There is one weird thing i found that only "Lotus Notes" & "Chrome" icon getting missed, MS office or any other application never missed its place.






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