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Why connect XenApp 7.18 thru Receiver for Mobile that it feel slow more than Receiver on Windows?

Artimus Aunos




I understood that it's not effect with working but user has suspected why Receiver for  Mobile it's slower than Windows to open application.

Have anyone help to explain me or document to show user know  information.


By the way, In case I tested to use same ISP provider. I use my mobile to connect internet and share to my pc. 

I found that Receiver on PC faster than workspace on mobile to display same application.






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I will update more information.

It seem display message " Please wait..." about 20 seconds for Android Only before starting Application while Receiver Windows and iOS that display starting Application process after click icon

This problem why it display " Please wait.." as reason why it quite slower than Windows and iOS. Have anyone to found same issue and how I can solve problem?


I have tested with Receiver Windows , iPhone 5S, iPhone XS Max  (iOS)  and  OPPO F9 (Android)


Citrix Workspace on iPhone version (1903)  and Android version (1903.1)

Receiver on Windows version 4.12.0

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