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Turning on Windows paging file/virtual memory

Jimmy Bouma-Holtrop


I'm having some trouble getting Windows paging file enabled and I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on what I'm missing.


I need to generate a full memory dump for a ticket I have open. Windows won't generate a full dump without paging file turned on. So, I went into my Windows 10 1803 base OS and enabled "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" under Advanced System Settings -> Performance Options -> Virtual Memory. I did the same for my Platform Layer. I export my image with only those two layers to vCenter and when I boot up that machine the option "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" is unchecked. 


I do normally use a virtual machine template in vCenter but I turned that off for testing. 


Here are my specs:

Windows 10 1803

App Layering 1902

vSphere 6.0

Full user layers


It seems to me something must be happening during the publishing between the time I last see the layer machines and when I check the resulting image in vSphere but I don't know what exactly and/or where the settings to check would be.


Thanks for any insights.

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Well a quick fix would be to add the page file to your Parent VM before updating the pool at least to get a page file out three.  Its really dangerous to have no page file.  I would expect blue screens randomly unless you have assigned a lot of RAM.


But otherwise its pretty strange if you made that setting in your platform layer.  Do you see any errors int he event logs about not being able to create a page file maybe.

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I'm also having BSOD and lock up issues.  On my Windows 2016 machines I see "No paging File" enabled.  I clearly have one on c:\ and I haven't turned it off.  When I check my OS layer it's set to "System managed Size".  I haven't changed anything on my Platform layers either.  I'm spinning up a version to double check but I'm certain I never changed it.  Trying to find some commonality. I did manage to capture a BSOD but I didn't get the dump files.  My error was KERNAL DATA INPAGE ERROR


I've been following this thread as well and chatting with SocietyInsurance offline.  We both have cases that are open




Unifltr.sys is 19.1.11772.0.  Layering Service Build





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