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Upgrade XenServer 7.1 LTSB 'free' to Hypervisor 7.6 CR Free Questions

Robert Metzger1709158910


I want to upgrade 7.1 LTSB (at the time free) to 7.6 free and have a few questions:


Microsoft Windows Server 2019 guest support:

  • I assume you can run WS2019 but you are on your own if any issues
  • Is there a plan to eventually officially support this in the free edition?


Shared Nothing Live VM Migration / Storage Live Migration:

  • Do these effect?
    • Live migration of VDI between local and shared storage.
    • Live migration of VDI+VM(compute) between two hypervisor hosts and their respective local SRs.
  • If yes to any of above, i assume offline migration is OK for all?


Has the hypervisor disk layout changed between these versions?

  • i.e. an in place upgrade is possible with ability to rollback possible?


Is there anything I should lookout for with this upgrade path?


Thanks in advance.



XenServer 7.1.0 Hosts:

2017-06-19 / 137272c

Version: 7.1

XS71E001 (version 1.0)

XS71E002 (version 1.0)

XS71E003 (version 1.0)

XS71E004 (version 1.0)

XS71E005 (version 1.0)

XS71E006 (version 1.0)

XS71E007 (version 1.0)

XS71E008 (version 1.0)

XS71E009 (version 1.0)

XS71E010 (version 1.0)

XS71E011 (version 1.0)

XS71E012 (version 1.0)

XS71E013 (version 1.0)

XS71E014 (version 1.0)

XS71E015 (version 1.0)

XS71E016 (version 1.0)

XS71E017 (version 1.0)

XS71E018 (version 1.0)

XS71E019 (version 1.0)

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Support for 2019 is in 7.1 LTSR but so far not for 7.6 CR, I suspect the next CR release will have 2019 support.


You can XenMotion your VM's across servers if the VM's have shared storage, but storage migration is a licensed feature.

You could still export/import the VM if necessary offline.


I think you can in place upgrade 7.1 LTSR to 7.6 CR, but not a non-LTSR version. You could need to do clean installs of 

the hosts to get to 7.6 CR.




This was posted for 7.3 but I'm pretty sure it all still pertains to 7.6.





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Correct; you need XS 7,1 LTSSRCU2 to support Windows 2016 server and I have no idea if even 8.0 CR will support Windows Server 2019, but time will tell. I have heard it can work on 7.6, but it is of course not supported.

To get to 7.6, you can only upgrade directly from 7.4 or 7.5. Otherwise, you have to do a clean install from a non-supported version.



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