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Receiver 4.7 and higher USB redirection issue

David Taylor1709155245


I have two group policies that redirects USB audio. I have it on the endpoint and I have it setup on the VDA..  On the endpoint


It is basically this...


Computer side, Citrix components/Citrix Receiver/ Remoting client devices/Generic USB remoting..


On the policy that works, I have Allow: Class=01....  for Nuance Powermic


And everything works fine... But I have an issue where I want to block two specific devices, a fingerprint reader and a prox card reader... So I took a copy of the GPO added two Deny statements AFTER the Allow statement just for those two devices using their respective VID PID, but when I apply  that policy, the Nuance Mic is blocked as well... Since the denies are after the allow and the denies only are using the two specific VID and PIDs, I was expecting the mic to still be there..  Any ideas on this?

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