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IE support after upgrading to Storefront 1903

Fredrik Vikstrampoumlm

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The Receiver for Web UI in StoreFront 1903 and higher uses updated and more secure java script libraries which do not work well at all with IE10 or older.  The block and error message is in place to prevent end users from experiencing visual and functional issues with using Receiver for Web on these unsupported browsers.  IE10 was found to have significant issues in testing when Receiver for Web was updated with new java script libraries.  Unblocking it would not actually help you as your end users would then experience these issues and Receiver for Web would be unusable.

I recommend you remain on an older version of StoreFront which uses the previous X1 web UI if you wish to continue using IE10 on thin clients whilst you update them.  The current LTSR 3.12 CU3 also uses this older UI and will definitely work with your HP thin clients on IE10 and is fully supported. 

Is it possible to update your thin client images to include IE11?  I understand you may need some time to do this and this may not be a trivial undertaking but it would be nessessary to use 1903 or higher and also to be on a version of a Microsoft browser that is also supported.


Apologies this is probably not the answer you were hoping for but allowing the use of IE10 is not possible for the reasons stated above.


Regards Mark
Customer Quality Engineer for On Prem StoreFront & Workspace Cloud

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