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Ability to split screen in half or quarters within one Receiver window?

Gary Klein


I have an extra large/wide monitor and use one Citrix Receiver window. Right now i have to manually re-size/organize windows within the large REceiver window. Would be nice of there was a Preference setting that would allow you to define how the Receiver screen can be setup as 2, 3, 4 parts so windows can be snapped/glued into a window

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I had downloaded latest version yesterday and saw that new setting but couldnt get it to work. The resizing was the piece i was missing. I did notice when you resize a 2nd time all of the open windows go back to the box labeled as primary monitor. Dont know if that is by design or a bug.


Now i am curious when using Webex if you can choose one of those virtual monitors to share or will it still share the entire screen?

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