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Add desktop Shortcuts

John Litster


I have an app layer that gives the users Office 365.   Is it possible to get it so that the shortcuts for the various things (excel, word, outlook) are on the desktop?


I would like to add some shortcuts to the desktop that point to applications that are run on our local network.   It's easy enough to do that if they log into store but i'd prefer not to have the user log into their VDI windows (non-persistant desktop) then log into store front.   I'd like to have everything already there for them.

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it would be really great if the entire app layer stuff was easier to work with.

Not only did updating the office layer NOT put shortcuts on the desktop (yes the shortcuts were placed in c:\users\public\desktop, even updating the base OS layer did not play all the way through (added calculator).

I will just need to delete everything and start again.

At least it explains why sales wouldn't get into app layering when i was doing the trial of citrix.

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I have never seen an issue with shortcuts showing up on the desktop if you add them to the public desktop.  I am not sure how you added calculator?  Normally adding means not removing it.  If you already removed all the UWP apps in the OS layer its not easy to get them back without doing a reinstall of Windows or upgrading to a new feature update.

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