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XenServer Live VM Migration

Clive Mifsud


I am using a scenario of 2 xen servers in the same subnet and in the same pool, with an iSCSI storage using FreeNAS (which is using a separate storage network). One of the issues which I may have is nesting, since I am running all of the mentioned machines on VMWare WorkStation 12. (VTx is enabled from both bios and VMs)

I am controlling everything from XCP-ng Center 7.6.0 and using Xen Server 7.6.0 iso.

I've attached an iso shared folder within the pool as well. Although when I do a live migration from a source host to the destination host, the VM guest takes a while to fully migrate (maybe because of the dirty pages being transferred). Once the process of the migration continues, the VM is restarted on the new host and loses every task it was given to do from the old host. The VM is a ubuntu 18, with 1Gb of RAM and 2 Virtual CPUs were given. (XenTools was installed as well). Tested other OSs such as CentOS 6,7 / Ubuntu 16 server and linux lite. I was looking and imagining to implement a pre-copy migration from this hypervisor, but currently my implementation is having a lot of downtime to maintain the liveliness of the VM.

An image of the downtime of the VM is attached as well.   Ping test to the VM
Are there any issues with this implementation, or anything which maybe I am not doing ?
(PS that I am not a guru on this topic)

Thanks and Regards,
Are there any issues with this implementation, or anything which maybe I am not doing ?


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Other than adequate resources and XenTools being installed, I cannot think of anything else that should interfere. You say that other VMs migrate properly with those very same servers, hence the servers themselves seem to be OK.

Do you see any details in the log files indicating any issue? 1 GB of RAM isn't much, so it should not take that long. This is running under Xs 7.6, correct? Also, have you tried using the CLI equivalent command to see if the behavior is any different or if you get any indication of errors on the screen?



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The only way I am conducting maintenance and in this case migration,  is from XenCenter. Both XS are using 7.6. 

Although I did not try migrating from the CLI.

@Tobias, do you suggest any commands do view any logs / errors please ?

Thanks you all for your help :) 

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