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Citrix LHC not working from NetScaler





In my current environment (XenApp 7.17) the Citrix LHC is not working when we try to connect from NetScaler.


I use the OutageModeForced to simulate a DB connection failure on both Delivery Controllers.

When we try to connect from the internal network (directly to StoreFront), it works fine. 


But when we try to connect from the NetScaler, we can download the ICA file, but the Citrix Receiver will be stuck at the "Connection in Progress" stage. After a minute or two we will then receive the error: "The published resource is not available currently". 




On the StoreFront servers I can see that the XML service is down on one Delivery Controller (which is normal when failing to LHC). 
I then looked into the ICA file to check that the STA server is matching the elected LHC server (with the remaining active XML service) and that the STA server is listed in the NSGW VIP with a green light.


At this point, I don't know what to investigate next to find why the LHC mode is not working from NetScaler connections. Any help would be very welcome thanks. :) 

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