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Upgrade path from 9.3 to 11.1

Stuart Walton

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First of all my experience with Netscalers is very limited - I have performed a coupIe of software updates in the past and that is about it!


I have 2 VPX in a HA Pair running NS9.3: Build 55.6.nc and I would like to upgrade them to the 11.1 build in order to bring them in line with the rest of our Estate.


I have read on line that I should upgrade  one major release at a time. I have looked at the download a section and there appears to be a plethora of Builds including those with an "e" at the end. 


Therefore I have tried to identify the path that I should take and this appears to be the best. 


10.0. build 78.7nc --> Build 10.1 Build 153.18 --> 10.5 Build 69.5.nc --> Build 11.0 Build 72.17 -->  Build 11.1 Build 61.7 

My intention is to upgrade each device to the same release and test before moving on to the next release 


My questions are therefore: - 


Can anybody ratify that this is the correct path? 

Should I be including the Builds that have an "e" in my path? 

Is my process over kill? - Could I upgrade 1 device to 11.1 and then upgrade the other? (Bearing in mind that they are a HA Pair)


Apologies if these are basic questions but I would really appreciate the knowledge that more experienced users could share.


If I have missed anything out or need more info to answer my questions then please contact me. 


Kind Regards



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