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storefront 3.01 export config

Kelly Jones

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Please try these cmdlet to export and import of the StoreFront configuration on SF 3.0.1

Export-DSConfiguration [string] -targetFolder,

                       [string] -zipFileName,

                       [PSCredential] -credential,

                       [switch] -Force,

                       [switch] -NoEncryption

Import-DSConfiguration [string] -configurationZip,

                       [PCredential] -credential,

                       [string] -hostBaseUrl

                       [long] -siteId

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Did anyone have any luck with exporting the Storefront config on version 3.0.1 ?

The 2 solutions above are not available to run in PS as the powershell cmdlets seem to be missing and in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver Storefront (no PowershelSDK) folder.
Export-STFConfiguration OR Export-DSFConfiguration are not recognised as there are no modules to import.


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