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XD 1811 + Windows Server 2019 -> MCS Image Preparation failing




I have an existing 1811 deployment with working Windows Server 2016 desktops prepared with MCS, under HV+SCVMM 2016.

We are preparing the migration of the desktops to Windows Server 2019. For that, we try to use the MC update function to update a test Machine Catalog to WS 2019.

We have been unable to prepare a WS2019 master image so far.  Although the image is just an out-of-the-box installation of WS2019 with no other application except the VDA, the image preparation phase always fails with a generic "Image Preparation Finalization failed" error message.

The preparation log inside the preparation VM does not say much. It is very difficult to troubleshoot as the No Auto Shutdown does not seem to be working, although set to True (see below): the Preparation image still gets shut down automatically after some time, making it impossible to get the last events in the preparation log. 

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-ProvServiceConfigurationData -adminaddress (removed) -Name ImageManagementPrep_NoAutoShutdown

Name                               Value
----                               -----
ImageManagementPrep_NoAutoShutdown True

Any help would be appreciated.


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Further information from our investigations:

  • We unlinked our GPO from the AD OU and retried an image preparation, with the same results.
  • The ImageManagementPrep_NoAutoShutdown setting only seems to apply to Machine Group creation, not updates. 
  • Nothing much in the event logs of the preparation VM, except a bunch of DCOM errors, but this does not seem to be related.
  • Shutting down / Restarting the NetSetupSvc service seems to be taking ages, and apparently longer than the overall Image Preparation timeout (20 minutes it would seem). 
  • It works if we log into the preparation VM and manually shut down the NetSetupSvc service twice. The image preparation process completes and we are able to use the Machine group.


The problem is therefore with the image preparation tool being unable to stop the NetSetupSvc.

On a stock Windows Server 2019, with no GPO linked, why would that happen?


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I saw quite a similar Issue with an Win10 v1809 MCS-Master-Image (Enterprise N) yesterday while setting up an new CVAAD 1903 Environment.

Backend was SCVMM as well (don't know exact versions/rollup as I have no access to the site).

No solution so far. There were also DCOM-Errors in the log of the Image so we suspected some kind of undocumented adjustments on the Image as it was prepared by the customer and already had GPOs attached to it.


I'll report updates here.

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