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Chrome vs IE youtube playback and cpu power


Did a small test tonight with a rx-hdx (rpi3) of youtube playback.  vda is 1809, 2vcpu 6gb ram, thinwire & udp enabled (verified with remote display analyzer), anyways, playing a youtube video, chrome used 100% of the cpu whereas IE as hovering around 45%.  same video, same tests, anyone else experienced this?  I would have thought for sure Chrome would be more cpu friendly in this regard.  I've not yet tested BCR as the rxhdx doesn't yet support it as i know that will shift alot of the cpu onto the rpi3.  


Looking for feedback from all whether good or bad in relation to this.  

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Chrome has long had a reputation for being resource hungry.  In order to remain a top speed performer in the Browser Wars, they cache a ton of stuff in each user profile and in memory.  I'm not sure why the CPU utilization is so poor, but I see it in my environment also.  Not to say that IE doesn't sometime eat a lot of resources, but if I have a browser related resource problem, it's nearly always Chrome.

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thanks for the validation, i always appreciate hearing about other environments.  i know chrome is resource hungry but honestly didnt think anything would be worse than IE.  i recently came across the chrome code cache folder where it caches javascript code.  OMG i have a user with 40,000 of those files in her chrome data, luckily we direct profile data so it doesnt affect our i/o at all and there's no policy in chrome gpo's to limit this stuff like there is with media or disk cache.  

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