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LLDP neighbors reflect first VPX inside of SDX

Eric Wiegand

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I have multiple VPXs inside of an SDX

What is the appropriate configuration to get LLDP to work across the board with all the VPXs

If I configure LLDP with mode TRANSRECIVER, all VPXs except for the first thinks the LLDP neighbor is the first VPX

This may be a limitation with the SDX/XenServer and virtualization but I cannot find anything about it


I'd like to use TRANSCEIVER so that the switches can use LLDP also...

Is there a way to use LLDP inside the SDX (not inside the VPX) and then maybe use LLDP RECEIVER in the VPXs? Maybe that could fix it?


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Any progress with this?  I have SDXs with VPXs running on them, and I can't get LLDP to work consistently.  Half the time the LLDP neighbor shows up on the VPX as the connected Cisco switch, the other half it shows the SDX.  I also only get LLDP info on the 10G interfaces.  I have six total connections on my SDX that are mapped to my VPX (1/1,1/2,1/3/1,4,10/1,10/2) with all 1G interfaces in LA/1 and all 10G interfaces in LA/2.  Nothing shows with LLDP for LA/1 interfaces on the Netscaler, but everything shows up fine on the connected Cisco Nexus switch.  


Looking at the LLDP stats on the VPX interfaces show that all 1G interfaces have counters incrementing for "TLVs not recognized".  This is delaying a deployment of NetBrain in my infrastructure, so without NetBrain being able to get the LLDP info from the netscaler, it can't create a map correctly with path functionality.

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