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UPM vs Windows Server 2019 - cryptsvc crashes server

Steve Rast




I am fighting since weeks with complete freezes of the VDA when i use UPM. I figured out that the cryptsvc is after a few user logins in a loop and creating 100'000 registry events per second. When then a user logs out the complete server is stuck for several minutes or completely stuck and you need to reset.


This is what triggers in my environment the problem:

Install Windows 2019

Join it to a AD domain

Install the latest VDA with UPM (1808, 1811 or 1903)

Install Office 2016 or 2019

Activate UPM with user store on a smb share

Login with user 1 (RDP is enough) and start Word

Login with user 2 (RDP is enough) and start Word

Monitor the cryptsvc. As soon as the cpu usage of this process is always more then 0.00 you hit the bug


Does anyone else have this problem?


Best regards


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During the case (still ongoing) Microsoft found a "hotfix".  You need to set the Policy User --> Policies --> Administrative Templates --> Microsoft Office 2016 --> Tools | Options | General | Service Options... --> Online Content --> Online Content Options to "Do now allow Office to connect to the Internet". Then everything is running smooth according to my tests.


Why UPM (and only UPM) is triggering this, nobody knows so far.

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