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Netscaler 12.0 direct route is stuck

Eric Wiegand

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My goal is to remove a snip that I no longer need

I removed the SNIP IP from the VLAN


netscaler> sh run | grep 395
add vlan 395 -aliasName VL395
bind vlan 395 -ifnum LA/1


I added a static route to point to the router device on that subnet



        Network          Netmask          Gateway/OwnedIP  State   Traffic Domain  Type

9)    UP      0              STATIC


I want to remove the IP but it says I can't because it relies on a route

When I go to remove the route, it says I cant because its direct

Why is it direct when I've already unbound the IP from the vlan?

What else do I have to do? This seems like a bug.


Here's where its referenced in the config:


netscaler> sh run | grep
add ns ip -vServer DISABLED

netscaler> sh route
        Network          Netmask          Gateway/OwnedIP  State   Traffic Domain  Type
        -------          -------          ---------------  -----   --------------  ----
6)    UP      0              DIRECT


netscaler> rm route
ERROR: DIRECT/PERMANENT/DHCP routes cannot be removed.



How can I remove this IP from the route?!

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no different network, but my gslb site configuration does. which is why i want to remove the snip in the first place. no reason for it.


set ns config -IPAddress -netmask
set ns config -nsvlan 732 -ifnum 0/1 -tagged NO


add ns ip -type GSLBsiteIP -vServer DISABLED -telnet DISABLED -ftp DISABLED -gui DISABLED -snmp DISABLED

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  • 9 months later...

Similar issue, same error.


"ERROR: DIRECT/PERMANENT/DHCP routes cannot be removed."


Was it ever resolved?


Was originally part of a VPN effort by a previous employee and took it apart basically, but it will not let me get rid of the snip and the PBR associated with it is still listed though when trying to delete in the UI it says "This PBR already removed" The config shows -state REMOVED.


But if there is a hard coded route somewhere holding on to this, I cant find it.


Searching through the config I find it only referenced twice. e.g.


add ns ip -vServer DISABLED
add ns pbr VLAN_220 ALLOW -srcIP = -nextHop -vlan 220 -priority 1 -state REMOVED -kernelstate SFAPPLIED61


Tempted to manually edit this and the next time it reboots....



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