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How can i use a GPU for my VM's ?

Diamant Kastrati


I have a Dell PowerEdge r910 Server with an Nvidia K2200. I also have a License to use The GPU in XenCenter. It also shows that the GPU is available to use. When I start to use my Windows 10 VM with the GPU it doesn't boot. A window Pops up saying (You attempted to run a VM on a host which doesn't have I/O Virtualization(IOMMU/VT-d) enabled, which is needed by the VM). But if i don't choose the NVIDIA K2200 it works. But I want to run my VM's with a GPU. Does anybody know how to fix this Problem?


Thank you in advance.


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You can only leverage a GPU for VMs if one is already assigned to the XenServer dom0 instace, itself. You need therefore two GPUs, or at least a graphics card and one GPU where the graphics card is used by dom0. Also, that sort of GPU you are using is not compatible for usage with VMs; th eoldest ones were the K1 and K2 that worke without licensing; you may be able to use a Quadro board, but it;s not officially supported and the day will come when licensing will probably prevent it from being able to be used. The officially supported cards are the M, V, P, and T series that fall under the "Tesla" line (Maxwell, Volta, Pascal and Turing and the current models). Some of these require also VT-g be present and enabled for usage with VMs (unless you do pure passthrough). VT-h I believe will only work for passthrough. The proper drivers are of course also required.





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