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Is Citrix enabling UI Automation in all published applications?

David Beavon


I have a WPF application which is misbehaving in Citrix.  The software developers say it is because UI Automation is unsupported in that application but Citrix is attempting activate it. See:



The developer can see the AutomationPeer classes in the memory dump.  


Can anyone tell me how/why UI automation is being activated?  We're using v.  Is it possible that the monitoring agent is traversing this application using Microsoft UI Automation?




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Is it possible that either of the following is responsible for activating the "UI Automation" features of an application in a XenApp or XenDesktop session?



* Citrix Telemetry Service (CitrixTelemetryService)

* Citrix Session Recording Agent (CitrixSmAudAgent)

Any pointers would be appreciated.  It would be nice to avoid a ton of trial-and-error.  I can't find much in the docs about what these things do.

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