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Upgrade / Migrate from Xenserver 6.5 free to 7.6 Standard

James Beisert


Looking for recommendations please.  We have a single Xenserver 6.5 free version running 6 Windows 10 guests (accessed via RDP), 1 Windows Server 2012R2 guest.  This client started with the free version but we now need the more advanced features of Xenapp.  We would like to upgrade the same physical 6.5 host (Supermicro) or migrate all guests to new 7.x server (HP).    I see the cpu masking 'should' take care of cpu compatibility.  The CPUs are very close in features, the 'new' server is a 'newer' refurb.    We have no requirements for uptime or live migration if necessary.  All can be done over a regular weekend.  Our Backup/DR software can restore to dissimilar hardware if necessary.


Is it possible to link both installations and live migrate vm's or export/download/upload to new host?  Pros / cons?  TIA

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You should be able to power off the VMs and upgrade the host to 7.x without any issues. Keep in mind that you need to choose between the LTSR stream (7.1) and the CR stream (of which 7.6 is one) -- see https://www.citrix.co.uk/support/product-lifecycle/milestones/citrix-hypervisor.html .


You could install 6.5 on the new host as well, create a pool of the two hosts, and then use live migration to "roll" the VMs around the pool as you upgrade to 7.x. You can find out about CPU masking compatibility at http://hcl.xenserver.org/cpus/ (the footnotes of the table are the important bit here).


If you're using XenDesktop/XenApp (now Citrix Virtual Desktops/Virtual Apps) all editions of that include entitlement to XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor Enterprise (now "Premium") Edition, hence you won't need to purchase Standard Edition.


Hope this helps!


Best wishes,



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If you install 6.5 on the new host it might be a bear getting the hotfixes to match. If you have those all handy

then no big deal. You can follow the recommended hotfix guide to shorten the process, but there can be

inconsistencies and it has to be an exact match to your existing system. But I do like that approach as David

mentions you could then do a rolling pool upgrade to 7.1 LTSR or 7.6. 


Another option would be to install 7.x on the new one and migrate VM's from 6.5 to 7.x then install 7.x clean

on the old 6.5 server. I always like installing clean, upgrades I'm not so much of a fan of. I don't use local 

storage so the process time wise is about the same. Just be sure if you do note any customizations and settings

you may need to re-add.





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